How to Plant Cucumber Seeds In Pots

plant cucumber seeds in containers

Grow Cucumber Plants in Containers and Enjoy Fresh Vegetables 

Cucumbers are great ingredients for salads and fresh vegetable juices, and what better way to enjoy them than picking your very own! Growing cucumbers is hugely rewarding and people often wonder "Can I grow cucumber in pot?" or "can I plant cucumber seeds in containers?" I am happy to tell you the answer to both questions is "yes."  "Yes, you can grow cucumber in pots"  and "yes, you can plant cucumber seeds in containers."  Here is a quick guide on how to plant cucumber seeds in pots.

How to Plant Cucumber Seeds in Containers and Pots

Choose the right seed: First of all choose the right kind of cucumber which you want to grow. Commonly, bush varieties are favored to grow in pots than vine varieties, because vine varieties require much more height than bush varieties. I like the Saavyseeds Sugar Crunch Bush Cucumber Seeds that are available via amazon because this variety of cucumber which is well-suited for container growth

Planting container: Cucumber plants are large and take up a lot of space. To plant cucumber seeds in containers be sure to use a large container that is about 20 inches deep with a wide diameter of about 20 inches. Use a tall and sturdy trellis and place it inside or behind the container. This will make the cucumber vine to grow up the trellis thus giving the plant adequate light and consuming less space. A bigger pot will hold more soil and retain water longer. The pot should also have good drainage to ensure proper care for the cucumber plants.

Light: To grow cucumber plants in pots there has to be a lot of sun. The cucumber container garden needs about 6 to 8 hours of sun, so make sure you place the containers in an area where the plants will get enough sunlight. This will also ensure that the soil attains the right temperature required to plant cucumbers successfully.

Potting soil: To successfully plant cucumber seeds in pots it's important to use soil of good quality. Keep the soil warm and moist as this is vital for proper growth. Also when growing cucumber plants in pots you may also consider using a dark plastic mulch. This will conserve soil moisture and maintain the soil's temperature thus speeding up growth and increasing yields.

Fertilizing: Before you plant cucumber seeds in pots add a slow release fertilizer into the potting soil. For ongoing care of your cucumber plants fertilize once a week. When growing cucumbers in containers you need to choose a good insecticide, go for a natural option if possible, to try to avoid the plants getting attacked by pests such as aphids, spider mites and cucumber beetles.

Temperature: The temperature has to be right to plant cucumber seeds in pots. Wait until the weather warms up and the temperature is consistently above 70 degrees Fahrenheit before planting the seeds. This will give the cucumber seeds the best chance for growth.

Harvesting: When it comes to harvesting, cucumbers are ready to be picked when they have reached the size indicated on the seed packet, are firm to the touch and have a nice dark green colour (depending on variety). Happy cucumber seed planting!


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